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Hey everyone,

Are you interested in drawing the girls from Starswirl Academy?

We are currently working on a small project this summer, and are looking for artists who have taken a fancy to the world of Starswirl Academy. Seeking artists who want to participate in a small summer charity project that we will be undertaking throughout the next few months. If you’re interested, just send an email, along with a portfolio of your work (ideally including humanized equines) to confidentiallycute@gmail.com.

The deadline for portfolio submissions is June 25th.

We look forward to hearing from you!
safe1586556 artist:mrscurlystyles640 fluttershy199338 human143875 bedroom eyes52250 big breasts69699 blushing177633 breasts242552 busty fluttershy15119 clothes413435 faith summers54 female909369 grin33330 humanized94797 looking at you145937 looking back49685 miniskirt4762 pleated skirt3964 school uniform6695 sideboob8767 skirt35815 smiling217856 socks57327 solo980296 starswirl academy161 starswirl academy uniform71 thigh highs28817 zettai ryouiki1707


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