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Background Pony #6843
If Rainbow Dash ever became an alicorn, I can imagine she would abuse the Royal Canterlot Voice.
Background Pony #DE9B
I think its pretty obvious they're fakes. They're "normal" alicorn body designs (The size of celestia) for starters— The maen six, if they became alicorns, would all be twilight's size and use her model type for their forms.
Secondly: Look at the thunderbolt next to dash's eye. Like, Wat? its just a cutie mark symbol awkwardly plastered on her sideways. If they were going to do something like that with an official product, they'd have it set up like the RR dash toys, where the cutie mark symbol is over the eye, not just awkwardly plastered next to it.
Thirdly: alicorn mane six. Its pretty obvious that's not happening at this point :p
Background Pony #DE9B
@Background Pony #43E8
they're customs; unless the person doing this is putting up their work on Ebay, I wouldn't count on it.

@Background Pony #6EA1

would actually make for an interesting episode honestly; RD lording it over everyone and acting like more of a braggart before realizing that being a princess has alot of responsibilities that she's been neglecting and learning the "with great power comes great responsibility" lesson.

So long as they don't make it like princess spike, and its not that she's abusing her power but just not realizing that she's got duties she needs to be doing.
Background Pony #17BF
Rainbow Dash as an alicorn…. Oh yeah, she's gonna be bragging about THAT one, alright.
Background Pony #DE9B
@Background Pony #B81B
bootlegs. They'd have the normal body type (like Twilight) if they were actually turning the mane six into alicorns.

Only celestia, cadence and Luna get the "big" alicorn body types for toys
Background Pony #649B
I'd SO buy them! Where can I get them? Do the other mane six have them too?