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Okay, I've got a new piece that I'm working on, and I'm going to do something different.
I'm posting the wip version first so you guys can give me some criticism and have it easier to do now rather when it's all said and done.

And yes, tear me apart, I want to Improve in any way I can
explicit344209 artist:icarys67 oc668448 oc only439787 oc:icarys68 changeling46186 bedroom eyes58161 creepy alien facehugger dick241 crown16286 drawn on phone470 it ain't gonna suck itself310 looking at you163875 male364085 monochrome148036 nudity362605 on back23978 ovipositor660 penis150240 presenting23579 sketch61764 smiling241328 solo1046491 solo male25841 wip7778


not provided yet


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Ovipositors are hot, but I'm distracted by the moral implications of possibly swallowing fertilized eggs.

Looks good. Quite the alien organ he has there. I look forward to when it's done. will there be another clopfic to go with it?
Blade The Ass

Well, I rather enjoy what you have so far. My own little headcanon for Changelings, or one of my headcanons, would be these kind of dicks, whether it's implying oviposition or not.
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Yus! I can just imagine the flaps closing on a tiny pony's head as they're gulped down~

And you are getting better! You asked for criticism and the only thing I can think of is the dick looks a bit too wide at the base.