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As much as I enjoy this shipping war, i think Dash is going to probably end up with a totally different stallion if they ever decide to ship her at all. No point in fighting here. They are both barely related to her character and she doesn't hang out with anyone as a close friend.

Remember to make your text readable, so people can actually read your stupid shipping bullshit. Dark on light, or, if you're feeling wacky, light on dark.

Also, "hippie" is not a good abbreviation of "hipster", because hippie already means something else.


Oh, yes, in that case, it's very OOC.

welcome to internet, you must be new here

Oh boy, here we go…


90% of the drama is started by the dissenter and bait the Soarindash fans into responding, then call them butthurt for doing so.

Did i literally just fall for it? I think i did.


Soarin has barely been given any firm personality development so it's hard for him to be 'OOC'. He's basically at the mercy of imagination because of that, so you can't really make that argument. (Ember, sure, because she had the focus of an episode on her, but here? Soarin has never had more than a minor role.)

No need to stir up drama, let people like what they like.
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…I don't get why people think SoarinDash fans are butthurt? Rainbow Dash physically recoiled in disgust at the mere thought of her being with Zephyr. Even after he cleaned up his act. She literally does not want.
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Oh man these Soarindash fans they must really love seeing Soarin and his Pie together
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I know this might sound crazy, but I think Zephyr should be paired with Tree Hugger. Since both of them are apparently hipsters.
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How would Rainbow Dash "zap" him? I know she's a weather pony but I don't think she can summon lightning unless she means kicking a thundercloud, which she would have to tow one over to make it work.

Edit: Oh wait, I see one there. Nevermind.
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This is my favorite of the bunch because it's not overtly romantic. I like Soarin' as more of a big brother figure for Dash.
I can see that. Although it kind of makes me want to see a picture that goes the other direction, and has Zephyr and Soarin talking and laughing together (possibly over pie) while Rainbow silently fumes in the background over the fact that they've become friends.


gotta love this pattern:

Soarindash image get's posted: "God what an awful ship, stop drawing something you like because i specifically don't like."

Image of Soarin with another ship: "Wow much better than Soarindash"

A Soarindash fan draws a fun picture related to a recent episode where Dash got hit on by a different character: "LOL SOARINDASH FANS ARE BUTT HURT AND CRYING"

90% of the drama is started by the dissenter and bait the Soarindash fans into responding, then call them butthurt for doing so.

The trolls have an agenda it seems…
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I don't know why people think Soarindash shippers are 'butthurt'. It's cute seeing someone stick up for their special guy or girl even when it isn't needed. You don't need to tell off someone who has 0 chance of scoring with your significant other; it's just a nice gesture.