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safe1707461 artist:enigmaticfrustration209 octavia melody23772 soarin'13990 earth pony249146 pegasus292185 pony968595 absurd resolution66247 female1364072 floppy ears52361 heart48415 male373065 mare481157 shipping200365 smiling248756 soarintavia9 soartavia16 stallion108973 straight136468


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Background Pony #2EDA
Logic: I wanted a ship where Octavia was taken out of her element and Soarin was with someone artsy and not overly indulgent of him. I wanted to see if I could ship Octavia with someone other than Vinyl which was unheard of at the time. It wasn't a good reason but the shit given over the ship is still ridiculous.
Background Pony #78AC
We need more rare pairs everywhere also, where's my jaderose and lyrawhistler