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There is a difference between possibly not knowing/being unable to track down the artist(s) of an image, and actively refusing to tag anything. Seriously — do you have any idea how many times my filter didn't block things I don't wish to see because you uploaded images without tagging them?

If someone doesn't tag an artist once or twice, we give them the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes they can't find the source, and the filename isn't descriptive as to where it came from, etc. If they continuously refuse to tag artists, we deal with it as appropriate. People have been banned for it before, as Archonix stated. But just because each one of the 252 reports you submitted about uploads not meeting your tagging standards didn't result in a permaban for someone, doesn't mean we don't do anything about it either.
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Actually we do. We say things all the time. We even ban people occasionally.

You, my friend, have no place to complain about other people's tagging given you barely tag shit half the time.

Don't insult the mods. And drop this "we" bullshit while you're at it.
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When an "editor" steals a dozen pics from a dozen artists for some dumb collage, and doesn't tag any on them, you don't fucking say anything or bother fixing those tags. But someone doesn't tag blank background or doesn't fucking tag Chryssy changeling queen, of course you feel it's necessary to say something then because we pick the best mods.