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Joyride and Joy Jr.

Joy Jr. wearing some makeup to catch the eye of some stallion.

safe1749253 alternate version49703 artist:ficficponyfic2697 color edit7778 edit135809 edited edit2616 oc711231 oc only465021 oc:emerald jewel1640 oc:joyride522 earth pony265504 pony1009433 unicorn341836 colt quest2493 adult2580 alternate clothes1715 alternate future6 alternate hairstyle29057 alternate timeline3039 amulet1334 bowtie10612 child2005 color1696 colored19845 colt15461 crossdressing9675 eyeshadow16541 female1400820 femboy9620 grin40841 hooker92 horn77370 makeup22772 male387629 mantle287 mare501652 older27775 pimp213 prostitute342 rapeface1135 smiling260501 trap4565


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