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“Hhhheeeeyyy Anon…” The two of them said in unison.
Anon: *gulps
“I had such a fun time last time that I thought to bring my Li’l Perv with me.” she pointed to the colt who had a grin as equally as wide as her own. “He is very eager to meet you.”
Anon: “Someone please help me…”
Emerald chuckled. “There’s no one here but us…”
Joyride smiled ever wider. Her magic summoning a box marked toys and tools. “And we are going to have fun with you. All. Night. Long.”
The two closed in on Anon.
Sequel to this pic:>>1096701
safe1753917 artist:ficficponyfic2698 color edit7782 edit136149 edited edit2621 oc713393 oc only466190 oc:anon11926 oc:emerald jewel1640 oc:joyride522 earth pony267316 pony1013582 unicorn343655 colt quest2494 adult2584 amulet1334 bowtie10678 child2006 clothes477008 color1694 colored19878 colt15500 cute206087 eyeshadow16639 face of mercy246 female1404773 femboy9643 grin41164 horn78174 imminent rape1650 imminent sex7388 implied rape1363 makeup22903 male389030 mantle287 mare503618 rapeface1135 smiling262127 suit6142 trap4557


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Background Pony #E253
Wait a minute… Anon is collective 4chan. But Emerald Jewel is also collective 4chan. I’m confused now.

(Alt description.)
Joyride whispers in Anon’s ear. || “We know who you are Amulet Demon… and we are going to do everything you suggested to him to do, to you. Everything…||