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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

(6:00 PM At the Ponyville jail, awaiting trial after this —- bloody massacre)
After 2 hours of criminal processing and background checks, Pinkie is finally hauled off into the county cell
(BUT WAIT, WHAT’S THIS!!?? An opportunity for freedom????!!!!)

QUICK!!! What should Pinkie do in an awkwardly convenient situation like this??

Post your first step of action in the comments below!

Jail guard: Shimmering Shield by EmR0304

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safe (1426692)artist:meiyeezhu (290)pinkie pie (188755)oc (524031)oc:shimmering shield (7)human (130559)anime (3553)belt (3605)broken (551)clothes (354925)comic (89335)confused (3316)debris (110)dizzy (565)door (3125)escort (9)freedom (67)funny (3182)guard (985)hat (64566)hilarious (105)hole in the wall (31)humanized (87956)jail (365)kick (603)locked (32)metal (772)officer (138)old master q (358)parody (14584)shorts (10269)shout (84)sweater (11519)traditional art (96221)unexpected (94)wall (620)


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