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safe1677275 artist:lumineko2787 applejack167543 steam gauge28 earth pony238138 pony939992 applejack's "day" off581 :)104 cute195467 female1337088 goggles13847 hammer1690 jackabetes5803 looking at you163301 mare466896 pareidolia67 patreon12428 patreon logo8558 photoshop3722 safety goggles357 smiling240579 solo1044357 toolbelt115 tools244


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Engineering professor: "… and one time I saw some student sitting in the back row watching My Little Pony in class. Seriously that's…"
Me: Reminded of this pic.
Background Pony #C929
her right cheek seems just a little too round for a horse face, but that's just something i couldn't unsee after staring at this adorable image for a while
absolutely love it
Background Pony #3431
I'm still waiting for the comic where the gauge is all :| and the needle is all the way to the left, then Pinkie comes along to "cheer it up" with any random funny stuff, cue the gauge with :) and the needle is to the right.