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Emerald decides to check out the town some more, specifically the church.

Lady Elegance follows for a while until he gets t o the church. The colt enters and from the doorway the chimera says,

"I'm going back to Lord Sepulcher. I'll see you later."


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safe1656958 artist:ficficponyfic2696 oc654159 oc only432376 oc:emerald jewel1635 oc:lady elegance24 chimera523 chimera pony30 earth pony230831 pony921276 undead1894 colt quest2487 amulet1300 bone2895 child1946 claws4857 colt14307 door3843 doorknob84 doormat52 eye1585 femboy8807 foal15186 glowing eyes10719 hair over one eye8675 male356696 monster2183 red eyes5776 skull2925 story included8644 symbol390


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Background Pony #FA46
Man, the scale of the door in this update is really strange. Still a cute picture either way.