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safe1708407 artist:awalex71 spike78845 starlight glimmer48708 trixie67555 dragon56407 pony969481 unicorn324216 aroused1020 bedroom eyes59453 book33515 cheek kiss1826 female1364926 floppy ears52398 heavy breathing301 kiss mark1113 kiss sandwich203 kissing24677 lesbian97107 letter3054 library3232 lipstick11158 love triangle400 lucky bastard1783 male373390 mare481613 open mouth146235 polyamory6775 quill2691 scroll3403 shipping200465 sparlight605 sparlixie31 spike gets all the mares762 spixie249 startrix2932 straight136532 table9233 twilight's castle3910


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I Open at the Close
Yo Twilight, a couple of those horses from your redeemed unicorn harem are trying to seduce your dragon.

This made me laugh way too much.
Background Pony #7E82
Spike's writing suddenly turning into a big scrawl at the end is nice touch