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safe1749255 artist:shieltar383 princess celestia96713 oc711234 oc:big mark78 oc:florence45 oc:grace harmony190 oc:sweetie pie29 human158829 comic:birth of equestria254 cewestia1805 clothes475463 comic111423 crying44783 cute205558 cutelestia3669 female1400822 filly69555 ladder788 magic75330 pink-mane celestia2630 shorts14524 winged humanization8845


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Background Pony #3022
@Background Pony #92F9
With Grace, she literally just needs to use magic. Any magic. Grace is more or less a lightning rod for Tia's magic, since they share genetics and mental pathways.
Background Pony #3C94
Something tells me that Celestia will release a spell that will turn both Grace and her friends into ponies soon.
Background Pony #3022
Last I checked, the author was open to having someone spellcheck. Actually, pretty sure it was one of his Patreon goals.