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Did some monochrome stuff with some kissy stuff of Spike and Rarity. Spike came home and Twilight was cleaning up his mess.
suggestive134945 artist:digitaldomain123745 rarity175697 spike76552 twilight sparkle291348 alicorn210384 pony901608 digital art15758 female1302562 heart eyes15147 kiss mark1027 lipstick10350 lipstick fetish367 male350174 mare448364 monochrome145934 shipping191188 sparity6415 straight129734 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119777 wingding eyes20618


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Very. The passionate expression on Rarity's face in the two shots, like she can't wait to kiss him again is just too wonderful.

Spike reaching and trying to give her one in return is simply too precious.

You should give it a try some time.
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"Rarity! Spike's going to be useless for at least a week and a half!"

"Twilight dear all you have to do is flutter your lashes and say please".

"I do and all he does is laugh at me".

This is so adorable! I love that more subtle heart-shaped glimmer in Rarity's eye on the second panel. She probably doesn't tell Spike but she is at least as much into this as he is XD