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safe1899806 screencap247628 autumn leaf34 lemon hearts2358 a hearth's warming tail1584 blushing227621 clothes533354 cropped53896 cute225563 female1536703 grin49047 happy36247 hat102651 lemonleaf12 levitation13661 lidded eyes36342 magic82635 male435252 mistletoe1971 scarf26777 shipping222525 shipping fuel1761 smiling309337 straight153475 telekinesis32248


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Background Pony #0BA7
I’ll call him Golden Leaf.
How about just Gold Leaf? His special talent could be gilding things.
Background Pony #0594
lets come up for a name for the green pony. how about fall formel because his cutie mark is a yellow leaf
Background Pony #649F
Dawww, this is so adorable!!!
But why is it tagged as “gauntlet of fire” ?