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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full And THAT’S how you end up in the Crystal Empire’s Royal Dungeon !!  
full full (Hope you don’t mind Equalized Muffins for the rest of your prison term, Derpy!!) full full
You think she would’ve learned her lesson in babysitting after that monkey incident!! ( >>1083283 )
Princess Cadence Design by sakuranoruu >>165102  
Derpy Hooves Design by magico-enma >>436519
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safe1863031 artist:meiyeezhu332 derpy hooves52411 princess cadance35195 princess flurry heart8139 human180374 alicorn humanization330 anime6173 baby11485 baby bottle819 babysitting226 bedroom12266 blanket6072 cabinet222 clothes519353 comic117725 crystal castle255 cute220544 diaper14562 dress50057 flurrybetes1024 goofy74 gown495 horned humanization7229 humanized105720 humanized ponified human152 old master q505 oops571 parody16211 shocked8058 skirt44775 socks75214 sweater16162 thigh highs43309 traditional art125786 upside down6157 whoops117 winged humanization9185


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