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giving her little smaller and realistic size booty
dead source25200 suggestive148616 artist:teranen381 rainbow dash238987 anthro270272 ass51075 big breasts86368 breasts289533 busty rainbow dash8478 clothes477310 colored pupils10176 cosplay28566 costume28661 crossover63900 female1405595 looking at you176347 looking back60299 overwatch1568 rainbow tracer65 rainbutt dash3899 sexy30782 solo1097223 solo female184006 stupid sexy rainbow dash2771 the ass was fat14256 tracer248


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Cruiser Bruiser

Ara ara~
Copied and pasted from an earlier comment I made on another post.
I feel like the only one who sees Dashie as D.va. They both have competative attitudes and want to win. Both have the ability to fly, and making her mech resemble her pony self or Tank would be pretty badass. Tracer’s fast, yes, but I’ve seen veteran D.va players outdo Tracers with her flight/boost ability, which is pretty quick. And to top it all off, mix the mechs flight ability with its detonation ultimate, and you’ve got yourself a comparison for her sonic rainboom.
Artist -

@T-storm Berzerker  
Nope, not at all (?) for me XD, because, here in México, or Latinamerica (Latinoamérica), the actress Analiz Sánchez, is the one who voices Rainbow Dash, also, Tracer (Overwatch) :P, and Melissa Gedeón, is Pinkie Pie, also, D.VA (Overwatch)  
(Sorry if my English is bad)