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safe1749162 artist:captainpudgemuffin669 rainbow dash238402 human158817 pegasus308718 pony1009358 behaving like a cat2241 captainpudgemuffin is trying to murder us57 chest fluff41129 cute205541 dashabetes9632 female1400714 fluffy14692 heart49979 mare501623 open mouth153989 rainbow cat115 smiling260483 smothering751


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Only humans have hair, every other animal has fur. It's just a colloquial distinction in English as there's no real physiological difference in the hair on humans and, say, ponies, other than placement.
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Ponies have a coat of hair, not fur.

Then again, Rainbow could've misheard the information and finally found an excuse to be heart stopping adorable.
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Smolder is a cutie
I love my cat, though I do wish she'd do stuff like that also, sounds lovely!

My cat tends to be more reserved typically, though she will sit on your lap or body almost any chance she gets ❤️