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Brutus says, "Hey, why won't you answer any of my questions?"

"Hey kid are you up for some straight shota?"

Brutus gives you a weird look, "What does that mean? Is that a different language."

"If you figure out what that means with your superior unicorn education then I will be willing to let you "Play" with me."

You look back at Max. "Hey… Can I have some of those snacks?"

Maximilian peers down, "Sure, have the rest."Max levitates his bag of granola over your shoulders and ties it to sit higher around your neck.

"Hey, Maximilian… do you think we could talk."

"I'd be more than happy to speak with you but we should wait until we reach the restaurant."

Max motions his head toward Brutus who is still pondering your question. You reach the restaurant and your master orders a couple of cheese pies. you sit next to Maximilian facing opposite your master. You see a mare approaching the table, she doesn't look like the restaurant staff.


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