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13 comments posted
Background Pony #04F6
@Background Pony #916B
Oh I doubt that greatly, considering that Twilight had a crush only on human Flash, and her interactions with pony flash are practically non-existent. Who knows though, but I wouldn't bet even a cent on it.
Background Pony #F3FA
@Background Pony #CC2F
Even though probably Twilight will end up shipped or even married to Flash anyway… This is after all "a child's cartoon" made by Hasbro. At least they probably will wait till the series finale.
Background Pony #04F6
@Background Pony #0BF2
Some of them have some of them haven’t I can’t speak for everyone. Some people don't even feel treatened by flash anymore looking on the state he's in so they don't care. It's not like there is agenda against him, people just don't like poorly developed characters.
Background Pony #BB47
@Background Pony #CC2F
They don't wanna give up on her, fine, but do they really must have huge vendetta's against Flash? And pretty much every character whos a love interest to Twilight?
Background Pony #F3FA
That's the fate of all the fools that dare to ship themselves with a cartoon character…