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(Also Roseluck became an alicorn and Tree Hugger combed her hair.)
safe1675969 screencap218280 cherry cream25 coco crusoe629 derpy hooves49664 roseluck5017 sundown skies20 toffee swirl17 alicorn218611 pony938706 newbie dash1049 alicornified5253 alternate hairstyle27385 animation error2031 background pony10141 background pony audience361 female1335988 filly64804 male362607 mare466186 race swap13990 rosecorn10 spot the alicorn60 stallion104806 unnamed pony1818


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Cause and Effect:
There's a pony resembling Tree Hugger, but without the hat.
This is because she only appears in Season 5, not Season 6.
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Roseluck is a well known BG pony, it would be unlikely that animation team would still not remember her pony race. I like giving an alicorn status to Derpy.
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Last season we played "Where's Glimmer." There was the changeling in the background of the opener, so this may bear watching.
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As much as I like the idea of Rose ascending, I think the green eyes and the fact that she had the horn without the wings one shot ago shows that this is Chrysalis up to her old tricks again.
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So many interesting changes in this screencap XD

Also, any name for the creamy and blue manned pony with the cherry cutie mark? My goodness, she's pretty. :3
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In the crowd for this episode Tree Hugger got Berry Punch's bangs, the back part of Cheerilee's mane and her tail, Cheerilee only got Berry Punch's bangs, Derpy got Rainbow's bangs and Rose became an alicorn… I don't know what I have to think about it.