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Ashleigh Ball becomes Tabitha St. Germain.
safe1899645 screencap247616 blaze365 fleetfoot2377 rainbow dash253241 soarin'14833 pony1247168 newbie dash1128 animated108785 blinking4445 discovery family logo11858 goggles15835 lidded eyes36337 lockers2241 massage1224 rainbow fash166 smiling309282 spread wings69016 towel4228 wing hands2403 wonderbolts uniform6449


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@Mr grump  
To be fair, Rarity comes from “very common stock” and works extremely hard to look as good as she does.
RD has it in the genetics to be special, thanks to her rainbow mane and such, she just never puts any effort into it, so her mane and tail look like an unmade bed.
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@Background Pony #201C
Remember: There’d be no shortage of people who you wouldn’t want to see naked.
In general, yes. But the Wonderbolts would have to all be in pretty good shape, I’d think.
@Background Pony #9D46
That’s Blaze, she just looks like Spitfire.
She gets that all the time. Every day of her life. Her deepest desire is for somepony to someday say it’s Spitfire who looks like her.