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Jonny Manz
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I am who I am
What I don't get is that last panel — what's that Luna's supposed to be holding? Is it supposed to just be a sand sculpture of Thestra or something?

I quite liked it — the art was actually pretty charming, and I loved both the CMC's and Luna's role in this. I also actually quite liked Thestra, and her ability to make a pony's skeleton visible. Certainly glad I chose this comic to inspire me to rush out and buy it from my local store.
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I think new ponies getting a large part of the spotlight will now be an integral part of any CMC story, since their talents revolve about others which can not be done without putting that new pony in the focus of the 3rd act.
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It was so-so to alright.

Loved the role reversal. Having the CMC be the one to help Luna for a change as well as seeing Luna being nervous about things (mostly) unrelated to NMM was a pleasant plot.

The Mirrorca was…odd. It came out of nowhere with very little build up, and was beaten just as fast. And said build up just raises more questions (So the castle just have monsters running around? And the princesses just accept this?) Well, at least the beast itself was interesting.

Thestra was entertaining in that creepy kind of way. But she came dangerously close to stealing the spotlight from Luna and the CMC in the last 3rd of the story. But the Luna Mark Crusaders still played a part in the entire thing so it balanced out.
Background Pony #A5DB
How cute.

So… What does everyone think of the comic?

I liked it a lot. Loved seeing Luna and she was adorable here.
It's nice to see the CMC apply their "mission statement".
I only wish we'd see what happened to the war from the start of the comic. My guess is that it was a ruse of Celestia to make Luna interact with fillies.
Loved the art too. Art is subjective of course, so nobody can say a style is objectively good or bad, but I really do enjoy the exaggerated cuteness from this style. It fits the cuteness of MLP very much
Background Pony #D05A
everyone hates this comic

while I love it because of adorable/cute art style and overall Luna&fillies theme. It's hard for me to bitch at story/plot when you see cute panels like that 2nd or 3rd one.

I always wonder… is there any site where I can read all those comics? Would love to read this
Background Pony #03F3
That one was pretty mediocre in plot and fosgitt's art was horrible as usual.

The only fosgit comic that hasn't been completely bad was FF18, and that one was good DESPITE fosgit's art, and was only barely "Decent" despite having a good plot and dialgoue: if anyone BUT fosgit had done the art it probably would have been a 10/10 one.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Ocellus is best buggo
If your answer is to go "WELL YOU'RE JUST A WHINER", then I humbly suggest just leaving the comment section. Or pick up a book on how to debate.
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Her parents have a pear cutiemark and a banana cutiemark, where'd she get the skull cutiemark from?
Background Pony #03F3
That's absurd; I like IDW comics overall, I just don't pull punches and praise crap. The siege arc was good even if there were flaws, and many of the mini comics like the Pigasus or AJ/mayor one were great.

But this? Fosgit SERIOUSLY needs to buy some "learn to draw MLP characters" books (or find another comic series altogether preferably) and the plot and characters were just bad.
Background Pony #03F3
Fosgit's atrocious, and the plot and dialogue wasn't anything special (it was actually pretty poor)