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“Now, I want you to gallop down to wherever you purchased these atrocities and get them exchanged. Pick up something in… let’s say a midnight purple with a slight, and I mean slight, gloss and make sure the frames are also at least half as thin as these… these… things,” Rarity stressed before she set the offending glasses on Twilight’s forehead.

“But what about Nyx?”

Rarity shoved Twilight out the door with a small burst of magic. “She will be fine here with me until you come back with those new frames. Now, off with you.”
A Secret Between Friends, Pen Stroke's Past Sins

@Background Pony #8507 Well, you're not the only one…
Background Pony #6094
Rarity complaining to Twilight about the glasses not matching with Nyx's disguise. I remember that.