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safe1722888 artist:underpable867 starlight glimmer49111 trixie67949 twilight sparkle302554 alicorn227716 pony983351 unicorn330588 no second prances1876 :t3812 absurd resolution66537 annoyed grunt5 comic109906 counterparts875 curved horn6906 d'oh15 dialogue66301 eyes closed95190 female1377665 floppy ears53011 great and powerful183 grin39395 homer simpson267 magical trio463 mare489012 nose wrinkle3021 pushing822 shooing5 simpsons did it395 sitting64139 smiling253144 speech bubble23675 squee1965 ta-da!12 the simpsons1856 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124709 twilight's counterparts893


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Background Pony #B19A
Oh look, poorly written characters are attracting to each other! Gods save us if they start multiplying! D: