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safe1751410 artist:underpable869 starlight glimmer49813 trixie68759 twilight sparkle306261 alicorn233008 pony1011384 unicorn342609 no second prances1885 :t3868 absurd resolution67022 annoyed grunt5 comic111521 counterparts878 curved horn7186 d'oh16 dialogue68095 eyes closed98192 female1402658 floppy ears54560 great and powerful188 grin40991 homer simpson270 magical trio469 mare502572 nose wrinkle3072 pushing847 shooing5 simpsons did it413 sitting65626 smiling261276 speech bubble24446 squee1975 ta-da!28 the simpsons1873 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126226 twilight's counterparts896


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Oh look, poorly written characters are attracting to each other! Gods save us if they start multiplying! D: