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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: Old Master Q, Mr.Chin and Potato Head #70, pg 112
full Ever since Maud scared off the stingy street rat to get her sister’s cannon back in one of the most unforgettable PSSSD, word of the Element of Laughter’s special weapon of messy distractions began to attract interest to illegal gun runners in Manehattan looking to make quick cash from selling and/or modifying her trademark symbol
full However, what they didn’t count on was messing with Pinkie would risk having to taste the humble Pinkie Pie’s filling!!
Storm Dragon by StormDragon98  
Inky Hooves by ASadSadEmoChic  
Police Officers:  
Officer Hot Fuzz from the MLP episode “The Gift of the Maud Pie”  
Officer Peony by notthemosttalented  
Pinkie Pie Design: >>967397
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safe1863058 artist:meiyeezhu332 copper top427 pinkie pie229751 oc778325 oc:storm dragon10 human180378 the gift of the maud pie987 anime6173 arrested221 baseball bat1261 battering ram7 belt6902 blushing222039 boxers687 breasts315717 busty pinkie pie12038 chair7730 clothes519373 clown nose425 comic117748 crime104 criminal99 criminal scum35 cuffed122 deja vu35 drawer325 elf ears2166 fangs29936 female1502574 funny4528 gothic519 groucho marx59 groucho mask274 gun17470 hair bun3912 hands up60 headband3831 humanized105721 humanized oc2594 humanized ponified human152 humiliation2362 inky hooves1 justice136 karma266 kidnapped885 laughing8968 law enforcement11 leggings2434 machete254 mascara698 mask7886 masked42 mohawk870 officer213 officer peony1 old master q505 paper bag962 parody16211 payback119 peony2 pistol2316 pointing4579 police1306 police officer831 police uniform575 police woman2 punishment1176 red nose771 rescue312 revolver1736 shorts15918 skirt44776 spikes807 stockings38233 sunglasses16834 surrender38 thug35 tied up6734 traditional art125786 unamused18505 underwear66748 weapon34048


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