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Why am I here…


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@Background Pony #EF34
Super =/= Magic

Magic = It summons mother as a puppet. It takes 3 magic units.

Super = It summons a legion of puppies, including the father. It takes 1 Super Bar.
Background Pony #71C7
@Background Pony #E040
Currently the father uses mother's sprite as placeholder, but it was supposed to be a father from start.

It would make no sense if the player was using the mother (as a controlled puppet) and suddenly a double of her appeared during the super. Discounting mirror matches of course.

She only has a lvl 1 special currently (its anavalanche of puppies) but it stands to reason her lvl 3 will be something similar to Flutters super, maybe not a stare but it will probably involve her breaking character and getting SUPER FUCKING PISSED.

It is, and it is! :)
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Young Leosword
Since most of the moves in Fighting is Magic were based on S01references, does Pom have a Flutterrage mode? I mean, I guess I never saw gameplay of Fluttershy, but I'd have thought she has that special, like Pinkamena's Hape Special.
Background Pony #71C7
That bell is going nuts! Pom will win all her fights with frightened bell noise spam!

We can call it the Pom Engine.

Pom Engine is roaring! She wants blood!