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This needed to be colored.  
This is not my art, this is an edit of >>1122149 which is a picture made by Zajice; I only colored it in.

suggestive193324 artist:xwoofyhoundx155 artist:zajice281 edit176795 oc965638 oc only703330 oc:lilith821 pony1638603 succubus2213 unicorn554854 backbend1832 bedroom eyes84150 bow46205 butt237988 butt freckles3426 clothes649498 collar49211 colored25714 colored sketch4855 eyeshadow31774 female1841669 freckles45686 gloves30841 hair bow26557 kiss my ass695 looking at you267548 looking back89319 looking back at you30973 lowres1604 makeup42465 plot148596 sexy47436 signature46174 simple background614584 skull4434 socks97930 solo1453973 stockings49862 succupony75 the ass was fat21506 thigh highs61787 underhoof70572 white background168082


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Out of the blue question, are you the one who keeps their gender a mystery?  
Or am I thinking of some comment on some age old image from someone else?  
Whether or not it was you, I swear you were there when there was some discussion about someone’s gender here being a mystery.

Gay Viking
Hey man even some of who just like men can appreciate a woman’s physique it’s just her lady parts some of us don’t like so switch them for something you do and bam problem solved.
Background Pony #BA1F
You don’t like something that other people like.  
I don’t know how to put it any more simple than that.  
A kindergartener would understand this basic logic.