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Nude version.
The last in the swimsuit series, I think ;p Unless @boss-snikrot comes up with another one, but I think he’s done for now ;p

I’ve noticed that the mlp fandom has a bad tendency to think that characters should be drawn in a certain way and that’s the only way to draw them and that is really boring. I like seeing people’s different takes on characters when they draw them, that’s part of the fun of fanart. And I happen to like my Cadance with big hips so fight me.
explicit351124 artist:rapps224 dean cadance1142 princess cadance32511 princess celestia95134 princess luna99224 principal abacus cinch967 principal celestia3509 vice principal luna2510 equestria girls200873 friendship games12640 angry27289 big breasts82277 breasts278351 busty princess cadance3137 busty princess celestia10243 busty princess luna6934 busty principal abacus cinch74 casual nudity6773 cougar673 female1365816 females only12687 high five216 locker room1277 nipples167602 nudity370741 quartet427 stupid sexy cinch46 towel3695 vulva128033


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Background Pony #10DB
@Marshmallow Taco
And i say that the 2 worlds follow that same timeline so i say that she allready has gotten the kid and no the EQG world is more modern so no wedding.
Marshmallow Taco

@Background Pony #A648
I'm not saying you have to be married to have kids. EG world does seem to be parallel to Equestria (although a bit delayed), so she WILL get married and WILL be pregnant eventually, but judging by her interaction with Shining, neither has happened yet. Thus she should still be skinny, as her pony counterpart… If the artist wanted to stay more movie-accurate, which he doesn't as stated below, so that's pretty much the end of this discussion.