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suggestive143234 artist:0ryomamikado0529 discord31006 king sombra13908 nightmare moon16944 queen chrysalis34833 twilight sparkle300620 changeling47757 changeling queen16563 blushing198021 chrysmoonlight10 discolight347 dusk shine2354 dusk shine gets all the mares52 dusk shine gets all the villainesses3 duskeris14 duskmoon7 dusksalis4 eris1966 fanfic10400 fanfic art14355 fanfic cover1263 female1365280 half r63 shipping1988 harem911 harem ending2 harem of villainesses2 heart48454 lucky bastard1783 male373509 pictogram1939 queen umbra1162 rule 6326886 shipping200517 straight136571 surrounded117 this will end in snu snu484 this will end in tears3356 tsundere2880 tsundere moon71 twibra340 twiharem12 twilight's harem38 twimoon102 twisalis167 umbrashine10


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Background Pony #826F
How about Darkhorse Knight, Discord, King Metamorphosis, and King Sombra (fighting) over Twilight Sparkle??

Sounds scarier than this version.
They'll fight each other to win Twilight to death, instead of making harem.

(Another AU where only Discord, Sombra, and Twilight remains their original genders)
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Young Leosword
Still needs more 63 Tirek and Scorpan. Oh, and I should have added Starlight to my previous comment, lel. X3
Background Pony #DE8B
I'm dissapointed, no Lady Tirek and no Stellar Gleam (Rule 63 Starlight, ok female Version also do).

But aside from that, very good picture.