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suggestive185166 artist:anonopony183 trixie78026 oc915180 oc:reiku93 oc:sky guide8 pony1475476 unicorn511072 absorption488 armpits46349 belly40975 big belly18848 comic132130 digestion3707 fat28196 fat fetish2986 female1736539 fetish54758 magic93605 mare701044 multiple prey1019 post-vore1504 teleportation750 televortation18 trixie predamoon237 vore18499 weight gain5557


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@Good Ol Rainbowpet  
From what I can tell in these kinds of stories, the characters thus devoured either end up being deader than dead, and thus not making a comeback later on. Or they appear in later art with no explanation for how they survived last time, probably due to being cartoon characters.
In the end, does it really matter? ;3
This whole drawing/story is pretty hot. Either Trixie will have to find a way to work off the weight, or she’ll think she looks better this way :O
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Fluffy boys bring joys!
LOVE that panel of her up on her hind-legs showing off that glorious gut to her loving audience. She should get some more volunteers from the crowd! <3
Background Pony #2D36
@Good Ol Rainbowpet  
I prefer when it’s reversible myself….but it’s still forever due to the Pred not bothering. Theres something about the pred and sometimes others, take the crowd in this, taking the fact it’s non-permenant to act totally nonchalant about it and that very lack of care/effort making it forever anyway, that really adds to it.