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Pinkie’s ability to ignore basic physical principles seems to have been transferred to Rarity. That’s one infection I wouldn’t mind catching!

In her mind she’s probably thinking: "Foolish ponies! This isn’t even my final form!"

This episode was great and I loved it from start to finish. There will be more where that came from I’m sure.

Enjoy the hilarity and have a wonderful day, everypony!

Edit: Corrected a couple minor errors.

SVG available here:
safe (1377070)artist:bluetech (66)rarity (151715)the gift of the maud pie (869)curled up (211)cute (139397)female (710030)happy (22411)inkscape (1385)mare (311001)meme (71792)pony (649719)rariball (168)simple background (277382)smiling (173341)solo (846899).svg available (6490)this isn't even my final form (367)transparent background (145462)vector (64209)

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