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SFW UHD wallpaper version provided free on patreon
suggestive127697 artist:pencils1202 princess ember5790 dragon48028 gauntlet of fire1436 all fours2737 blushing175374 drool22404 female896810 looking up14061 open mouth122707 raised leg6648 sharp teeth3200 smiling214340 solo971112 solo female168254 spread wings47662 tongue out90227 wallpaper17714 wingboner7774


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What the Fluff?
This image was featured on EQD's Ember art post. I wonder if they knew what the image is really conveying, when you see the captioned version. I mean, she's on all-fours, mouth open and saliva strands going between her jaw and upper-mouth and blushing. Even without the caption it's obvious something is up with this pic.

They also accidentally put up a subtlety explicit pic of her, before the commenters told them about it, and they took it down.