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Based off >>1105051
AFTER >>1127624 (merged)
Rainbow Dash: Gee, I look ridiculous. But I’ve heard that Soarin likes when it encourages. Let’s hope that this humiliation is not in vain.
Soarin looks around the corner and thought himself says, “Oh wow, sexy. Wait a minute. Is it………..”
Soarin: RAINBOW DASH?! (Soarin was shocked. Rainbow Dash jumped in surprise and suddenly turned toward the voyeur.)
Rainbow Dash: SOARIN?! Is that you?
Soarin: Rainbow Dash? I did not think that you’re a cheerleader. You look gorgeous.
(Rainbow Dash all blushed and began to mumble)
Rainbow Dash: Sorororrarin? I………
Soarin: Hey, don’t worry. I’m here with you. (he put his hand on her cheek) Look at me.
(She raised her head and suddenly froze motionless. She blushed even more because she frozen in a passionate kiss)
Soarin: You look’s beautiful. After the match, we go on pizza, ok?
Rainbow Dash: Ooooookkkkkkk.
suggestive170115 artist:metaldudepl666137 part of a set17933 rainbow dash257140 soarin'15023 human197991 abs13671 absurd resolution70693 alternate hairstyle32928 belly button94017 blushing234654 breasts335851 cheerleader3150 clothes549393 embarrassed13380 female1578799 fetish48325 humanized108970 lip bite13509 male450368 midriff21382 offscreen character42860 pigtails5541 pom pom1364 shipping227124 shoes48226 skirt47207 sneakers5826 sneakers fetish167 soarindash5230 socks80132 solo1245566 straight157161 traditional art130030


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Background Pony #9C92
Oh the cringe. This is so gorgeously OOC it feels like I’m reading 13 years old’s fic.