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safe1677054 screencap218405 crimson cream41 fashion statement41 mare e. belle41 mochaccino232 rare find232 earth pony238047 pony939774 unicorn311362 the gift of the maud pie931 background pony10150 bow27787 female1336920 hat84433 ice rink37 ice skating398 male362844 manehattan1006 mare466793 neck bow171 solo focus16429 stallion104906 tail bow5435 vancouver canucks19


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Background Pony #BB94
Vancouver Canuck ponies? Takes place in Manehatten? I think this is a subtle reference to how often movies taking place in New York are filmed in Vancouver.
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That's awful, Sweet is one of those overused words and then it's just the object's name after it? No way!
Since there are too many "Sweet X ponies already let's reserve that word for names actually based on phrases where it is needed.