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Colt Quest's Ending: Joyride Jr.
A fan epilogue By Psker

For months Emerald thought over the conversation he had with Joyride. He wondered if he should take her advice and explore his sluttier side. When he finally spoke about it to Joyride, she just grinned her cheshire grin and said. “Trust me lil’ perv, you’ll be happier this way. I will show you all the ways sex can be so much fun.”

Suffice to say, Joyride was a pretty effective teacher.

As months turned to years of being under Joyride’s care, Emerald became a master of magic. Becoming a powerful partner at Joyride’s side. His most powerful tool being his own body. Something which Joyride would often tease and compliment.

As he grew older Emerald thought less and less of getting vengeance on his step-parents. He hadn’t seen posters with his name or mercs hired to find him for a long time. Besides what would he even gain from getting revenge? His name and title? Peace of mind? Would it even be worth it?

After a very long night helping Joyride deal with some monsters and pleasuring those that hired them, Emerald decided that he didn’t want revenge anymore and chose to cast aside his Jewel name. That was for a pony he no longer was. Someone who was haunted by bad dreams, constantly afraid, and far, far too prudish.

Joyride was all too pleased by the new Emerald.

His step-parents would be dealt with by others in time and the Jewel name was left into the pages of history as their lands were absorbed by those more powerful, as there was no heir to challenge them.

The Order of Arrow held a funeral for Venator and his squire Alcaris. Their bodies were never found. After the activities of the Jewel family was uncovered they founded a special branch of Inquisitors named Venators to investigate other powerful families for possible demon activities and other forbidden magic.

Hope and Emerald eventually grew apart as she didn't like the changes she saw in the colt. Whatever happen to the innocent child she once knew? Emerald was a bit sadden that things didn’t work out between them and wondered if it’s same thing that Joyride felt about Sunshine Sea. He did stay in touch with Hope for several years through writing letters. She eventually got married to a stallion selected by her father

The time eventually came for Joyride to go on and she finally told him her secrets. Which he not only accepted but embraced as his own. He soon became reunited with Ruby who had grown to be quite the crafty thief in her older years, she became his first partner and would they travel together for many years to come. Their relationship soon becoming intimate.

Years turned to decades and decades turned to centuries. He watched from a distance as people he knew like Sensoria and Bo were laid to rest. As partners came and went. At times when he felt alone he would try to make new friends and failing that, a good romp in a bar or inn for a few weeks would suffice. Sometimes he enjoyed playing a little game where the other person had figure out if he was a mare or stallion or both. The end result was usually the best part of the game.

One day Emerald was in the woods trying to scout out the hidden lair of a bugbear when he bumped into a foal shivering and crying in a set of bushes. He asked the foal what was wrong and foal responded that they ran away from home as their parents did bad things to them. Emerald gave a light chuckle and told the foal that things will be okay. With a grin spreading across his face he asked the child if they would like to stay with him.

With a slight sniffle the foal agreed…


Well, what do you think of my version of this ending? Agree? Disagree? You are welcomed to discuss or write your own in the comments.
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