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Emerald thanks Quicksilver for letting him join in on the "fashion show". He says that they should do it again some time, and that he hops he can teach him some moves.

Quicksilver chuckles, and waves Emerald off as he goes out the door looking for Bo. He finds Bo up on deck, frantically supervising some of the pirates do their work, much to their confusion and bemusement.

Emerald is a little hesitant to talk to Bo in front of others, so instead waits for him to finish up some duties. Emerald follows him back to the same store room that Quicksilver was in before, and Bo stop in front of it.

He puts a hoof on it, takes it off, puts it back on, and then slowly opens the door. After he glances inside he let's out a sigh of relief and enters. Emerald quickly follows, and sees Bo rearranging things inside the room and greets him.

Bo jumps and turns to the startled Colt.

"Oh! It's just you Emerald. What's up?"


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