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Now yes!

April Fool's Day has finished. For those who haven't been here, the administrators decided to put an obtrusive watermark in the middle of each image.


not provided yet


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• Very Away Pegasus •
This image in April Fool's Day looked exactly as you are seeing now, but if you want to see how it worked in other picture, here you have an example:

Background Pony #B011
I was really pissed when I saw the price for a subscription. Now i feel really bad because it was an April Fools joke.

>end my suffering
Bronze Bit -
Happy Derpy! -

heh i managed to find the SVG url they used and blocked it in uBlock, which is a SUPER powerful adblocking or anything blocking tool heh. stops the request from even being sent. Still this looks like a fun way to mess with it.
Background Pony #19A6
Does this only work in standard colour scheme? Too lazy to try an alternative.