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Background Pony #341B
Maybe you're right. But what we know about anything is basically through breaking it.
But no matter what, she might want to be free anyway. And pray God she doesn't turn back into a human. People can be really hypocrite sometimes, and expect a J. Mengele fan trying to perform experiments on her then.
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@Background Pony #DE09
I highly doubt she would be killed. It's generally frowned upon to kill a newly discovered species just to see what makes it tick. Especially when it's considered extremely rare/endangered. It tends to limit the amount of information you'll be able to learn.
Heavily monitor her, sure.
Background Pony #341B
Well, she is a talking winged horse that happens to be a former human being and whose transformation is literally an act of magic. I think the CIA at least would be interested (If this happens in our world and in the USA).

And the military too. Imagine the biotechnological posibilities. I would vivisect her ASAP. And because she is not a real animal, the stablished rules of animal care and well-being wouldn't apply, so scientist would be boundless to experiment with her.
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@Background Pony #AEA9
Unless the CIA and FBI believe she's a threat to the United States' stability, I really doubt they'd care. The CDC on the other hand, they'd want to know if this new life form would bring on new diseases.