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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full If action hero movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger can become the governor of California and still continue starring in awesome movies afterwards…
full Then why can’t the Princess of Friendship ALSO star in some major feature films too?
full Heck, I bet there will be a scene similar to that in the MLP Movie 2017 ( the intended action scene , not the blooper!!)
Knight Horse Design  
Twilight’s Nightmare Night Costume from ‘Scare Master’  
Cinema Lights by alexiabobadilla and HunterBrony101
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safe1879510 artist:meiyeezhu333 amethyst star2744 lemon hearts2341 sparkler2603 twilight sparkle322107 horse3659 human181623 mouse1367 scare master991 :d1444 actress68 armor26184 armor skirt216 athena sparkle241 behind the scenes331 camera4392 cartoon physics746 catapult92 cavalry33 clothes525555 comic118585 director73 feather6980 film58 filming170 flying43693 galloping401 gritted teeth15104 hat100830 helmet12453 horned humanization7278 horse noises594 horses doing horse things1321 humanized106312 humanized ponified human152 injured3649 jacket15011 ladder874 large wings1870 meme86822 neigh194 old master q505 open mouth179155 outdoors14337 parody16272 pointing4630 reference4395 reins1083 riding8068 running6673 saddle2336 scared11827 skirt45294 smiling302668 spartan armor9 spread wings67023 squee2031 stuck3106 sunglasses17080 swirly eyes2586 sword12864 traditional art126532 tree38085 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133550 wall of tags4921 wavy mouth4370 weapon34412 winged humanization9241 wood888 yelling3555


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