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Duck - Shills for Shillary

What's cute about a mentally shattered soul who was so obviously terrified. Constantly being chastised, and pontificated to, about the need of friendship.

I found it both needlessly cringe worthy, and creepy. I'd go as far to say that the S6 Opener was in many ways the antithesis of the S5 Opener. And Twi is the one victimising poor Glimmer.
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Well, either she snaps back and it takes an ACTUAL redemption arc (and a lot of shrink visits) for her to get back to "hurr durr friendlee", Redeemed!Glimmer is a totally different entity from Villain!Glimmer (like, say, a clone spell so she can fool Twilight and continue being a villain), or this will be a season-long admittance of incompetence (specifically of writing convincingly insane characters — psychological trauma a-la Glimmer doesn't just get yanked out in an instant like shown) for this guy.
Duck - Shills for Shillary

I pray for Glimmers redemption before the end of Season 6. Lord how I cringed. Hopefully it won't be long before she snaps back to her old self again.