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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full Soooo, what moral of this short story I should go with here? Love and tolerance isn’t for everyone? Keep your graffiti art to your own private space?? Don’t take credit for work you didn’t do??? Never cross with ex-motorcycle gang leaders????
full Hmmm….what to say, what to say….
full MEH, I got nuthin’ to say!! The whole world is just full of unlucky contingencies and coincidences, I guess!
Graffiti designs inspired by:  
Rainbow Splatter  
Motivational Scootaloo Graffiti by Shinoda
Redhead girl with the bloody pipe: My OC Tracy “Tracer” Morrigan, childhood friend of Officer Techy Texas , ex-leader of the all-female Alkonost motorcycle club and current informant for the Chicago police department
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semi-grimdark31971 artist:meiyeezhu332 apple bloom53996 drama letter807 rainbow dash249584 scootaloo53734 watermelody1060 oc778301 oc:tracy morrigan1 earth pony313922 pegasus356873 pony1207447 equestria girls222521 abstract632 angry30228 anime6173 annoyed5970 anti-brony135 apartment201 apocalypse dash878 artist237 bad time21 bandage6279 beret2229 bloody134 breasts315700 bump305 cleaning508 clothes519356 club436 comic117725 crime104 criminal99 dark skin6853 door4435 easel393 glare8496 graffiti1228 hoodie16524 injured3593 jacket14806 jeans4826 lead pipe25 motorcycle outfit56 old master q505 painter40 pants17093 parody16211 pigtails5270 pipe (plumbing)172 red hair1090 redhead236 reference4340 scapegoat3 scared11673 shocked8058 shorts15918 skirt44775 spray441 spray can131 spray paint171 suitcase442 tagging26 tanktop8809 threatening425 traditional art125786 twintails1901 unamused18505 unlucky28 vandalism154 washing328 weapon34049


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Happened to me once. Some idiot thought I let the air out of his bike’s wheel, when he was just too much of an idiot to put the stopper on right.
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Well, we have a motorcyclist who coerced an artist into cleaning up brony art she didn’t do
(It’s not that I dislike brony art; it’s how I imagine what my peers would do if they find out. Thus, I placed this tag as reference to the character, but not necessarily the whole depiction of the comic itself)