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Emerald says he’d rather do something than nothing at all. He mentions how she and Ruby are important to him. Emerald would have liked to mention Bo as well, but he wants to keep that a secret from the unicorn. He mentions how he can use his magic missiles and push spell to help.
“I don’t know… You never really seemed like the violent type to me. Do you think you could kill another pony?” Joyride says, obvious doubt in her voice.
Emerald opens his mouth to say that he could, but can’t honestly say that he would. The only thing he’s killed were those mosquito things while he was running away from his parent’s, and even then he felt a little bad about it.
Emerald ignores that for now, and instead asks about Sunshine Sea.
Joyride’s face seems to tighten slightly, and she then she says with a grin, “What about Sunshine Sea? Jealous that I had a companion that was hotter, sluttier, and better with magic than you?”
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