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Its time….its finaly time…
To release PART 1 of the long awaited Back Stage Pass.
Coy and Punkie just finished watching their favorite band BANG ME! at their concert in Bonneville. Coy’s never seen anything so cool and when Punkie suggests they make their way to see the band backstage, of course Coy’s smitten with the idea. Too bad it looks like there’s security, but maybe Punkie’s got a trick or two hidden to help “lubricate” the problem.
Art and story by me
Letters done by the awesome Scratch
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suggestive159946 artist:mags178 fluttershy227819 pinkie pie229749 human180374 comic:backstage pass17 big breasts96137 bimbo5463 bimbo pie330 bimboshy491 breasts315700 busty fluttershy19427 busty pinkie pie12038 comic117725 dialogue73732 drugs2634 explicit source4443 female1502530 huge breasts44771 humanized105720 impossibly large breasts19034 nail polish9024 patreon13674 patreon logo9063 sluttershy1197 speech bubble27784


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Background Pony #CDA1
“Confi-dense?” So it makes you bold and stupid?
… yep, sounds like drugs to me.
Background Pony #A39A
Not pictured: their MDMA faces. I can especially imagine Pinkie jaw-skating like crazy.