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dead source34441 safe1972962 artist:andypriceart3458 princess luna109305 alicorn274716 pony1324971 cloud37880 crescent moon2346 crown24995 cute236573 digital art25761 eyelashes21724 eyeshadow22658 featured image1067 female1604752 flying47457 high res86781 hoof shoes7553 horn117493 jewelry91402 lidded eyes39085 looking at you217404 lunabetes3980 majestic776 makeup31036 mare619123 moon28062 night32898 night sky2273 peytral5109 regalia29865 sky19165 smiling331677 solo1269405 spread wings75570 stars19934 sweet dreams fuel1885 transparent moon339 vector84157 wing fluff1959 wings175417


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Luna… 😑
A wonderful night perfect for the stars to shine and illuminate my happiness 😃
Princess Luna will always be my “Star” that I will always appreciate ✨😊✨
Background Pony #0E36
@Pudding Pone  
Ignore him. I was like that too. These days it’s “cool” and “fun” to hide behind a screen and spit out opposing thoughts towards those who like something or someone in a harsh manner. But ignore these ppl long enough and they’ll quit.
Background Pony #7EC3
I wish andyprice would just stop making good pictures so idw no longer has any redeeming qualities
Background Pony #9B86
I was gobsmacked by the art but when i saw the artist, there i realized that this was just a regular thing for him great work