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Before you click on ‘nay’, just so you know, I got full permission from the OC creator of Mitsuaki Demoncy to depict her in this sniper comic
Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full TRIGGER WARNING full This comic is NOT for the fashionably sensitive!!! This comic may be offensive to clothing designers who get shocked by bad fashion sense (or, if you actually liked the clothes depicted, offended by the comic’s detrimental criticism to the fashion sense). Viewer discretion is advised!!
Note to (unisex) fashion designers: If you’re not willing to wear your own fashion designs, then it’s not worth sharing it with the world
Hired assa–I MEAN!!–disagreeable persons disposal unit (or DAPDU)” : Mitsuaki Demoncy by XxharusuzukixX
Sniper rifle: Type 97 Sniper Rifle (1937-1945)
Bad fashion designs inspired by:  
P.S. The title of the comic comes from the British and Australian phrase “dressed for a dog’s dinner”, which means wearing something that makes you look silly in an attempt to dress for a formal occasion
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safe1863057 artist:meiyeezhu332 bulk biceps3591 fashion plate162 hoity toity1045 jet set491 limelight65 pokey pierce1438 sassy saddles1175 suri polomare1325 oc778325 human180378 aiming136 angry30228 anime6173 assassin252 at gunpoint130 bag6183 bolt action6 bulletstorm1 canterlot6153 chair7730 clothes519372 coercion20 comic117748 curtains2921 dark comedy675 disgusted1323 disgusting122 disturbing171 eyes closed109258 faic13125 fashion564 fashion disaster56 fashion reaction62 female1502574 forced1305 gothic519 gun17470 high heels13207 humanized105721 humanized ponified human152 humiliation2362 karma266 laser sight21 male423340 manehattan1099 meme86413 mitsuaki demoncy1 mittens514 mohawk870 old master q505 open mouth176399 optical sight958 parody16211 reference4340 rifle4115 ripped stockings288 scarf26169 shame98 shocked8058 skirt44776 sniper rifle1074 street850 suit6892 sunglasses16834 taxi250 teeth12224 terrible86 threat443 threatening425 traditional art125786 type 971 urban64 weapon34048 xxharusuzukixx1


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Four Tet
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Holy Celly, I can hear Rarity just ranting off like an angry British bloke looking at these designs.
“OH MY GOD, WOMAN!! Suri!! Suri, what in the fsquee!**, love!? What were you thinking!? I mean holy squee!**! This poor lad right here looks like what happens when The Hulk gets caught in an explosion from a Burlington Coat Factory! I mean I’ve made bad designs, love, but even THOSE were bearable to wear in public than this horsesquee! You’re just FIRED, love!”
Background Pony #99FE
Wasn’t their another old master q strip like the one you parodied where he sees some people dressed in heavy padded clothes and he somehow buffs himself up to be alongside them