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suggestive148371 artist:johnjoseco4460 princess cadance33165 princess celestia96815 princess luna100822 human159034 :p9483 adorasexy10136 arm behind head6805 armpits43408 bell collar2385 belly button81426 bra16513 breasts288956 busty princess cadance3269 busty princess celestia10599 cat ears1195 cat keyhole bra set435 cat lingerie701 catdance15 catlestia42 cleavage35667 clothes476424 collar34575 crop top bra1045 cute205834 cutedance1289 cutelestia3675 female1403042 females only13075 frilly underwear4507 grayscale39286 heart50069 humanized101963 lingerie10844 looking at you175885 lunabetes3638 midriff19866 monochrome152331 open mouth154673 panties51505 patreon12940 patreon logo8761 peace sign3135 princess mewna42 sexy30725 side knot underwear622 tongue out108393 underass2620 underwear62519 wink25677


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Because COLORING!!

Open question to those interested: were this to be colored, would you prefer that the trio’s lingerie were all the same color, or different colors for each Princess? And given what we can see in the sketch, what colors would you expect?