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safe1708818 artist:xebck729 sunset shimmer63137 solar eclipse (au)5 equestria girls200806 friendship games12638 absurd resolution66267 alternate universe10292 clothes460458 dark magic2726 female1365299 fiery shimmer406 magic73379 mane of fire1388 midnight-ified113 necklace18836 redesign2335 role reversal1391 simple background394244 solo1065803 sombra eyes3507 transparent background202706 vector76965 wings107807


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I found a far better name by someone else in regards to her Demon form. Sunfall Shimmer. Just thought I would mention.

Sunset Firestorm…this is so awesome, I could imagine this would be what Sunset would look like if she transformed again, or under different circumstances than usual.