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Emerald asks where the Captain used to live before he was on the seas.

"In a city not unlike your Whitherwater, except with quite a few more zebra and quite a lot less of every other species. It’s on the west side of the Zebralands, and a jewel of a city. Pololimpopo was it’s name. It too was a port city, and I had lost my job at one point and rather desperately took a dockworker position and well… I suppose the rest is history!" The captain says with another smile.

Emerald asks how long he and Bo have been on the sea, and how many ships they’ve been on.

"Bo has been on the sea pretty much all his life! I started about three years before he was born. His mother was a waitress at a bar in Pololimpopo, but she died some time back unfortunately. A firey one she was." The captain says with a sad nod, "I don’t know how many Bo’s been on because we haven’t always worked together, but I’ve served on three plus this one."

Emerald asks if Bo is his only child.

"Yup, my pride and joy."

Emerald can’t tell if the Captain is enjoying the questioning or putting up with it, but he doesn’t seem to worried about Shooing Emerald away.


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